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WordPress security is often overlooked by many website owners. An unsecured website can lead to vulnerabilities and the possibility of being hacked. A hacked wordpress website can result in ruining your reputation, a data breach of yours and your customers information and the spreading of malicious malware.  Our hardening WordPress packages ensure you never have to worry about this. Over 35,000 websites are hacked daily. Don’t fall victim.

Already been hacked? We can clean your WordPress website in as little as 5 working hours. Time is of the essence, get in touch ASAP!

Emergency Clean

£ 49
  • Clean malicious malware in under 12 hours
  • WP core update
  • Plugin updates
  • Theme update
  • WordPress hardening
  • Login protection

30 Day Security

£ 29
  • 30 day security
  • Clean malcious malware in under 12 hours
  • Ensure always have latest version of WordPress
  • Weekly plugin updates
  • Weekly theme updates
  • WordPress hardening
  • Login protection
  • WordPress firewall
  • Daily malware scan and clean
  • Daily website backups

365 Security

£ 289
  • 365 day security
  • Clean malicious malware in under 12 hours
  • Ensure always have latest version of WordPress
  • Weekly plugin updates
  • Weekly theme updates
  • WordPress hardening
  • Login protection
  • WordPress firewall
  • Daily malware scan and clean
  • Daily website backups


Remove malicious malware from your website in less than 12 hours

A hacked website can be a worrying time for your business and can result in a loss of revenue and customers. It’s important to clean any malware from your site as fast as possible. The longer it is there, the more damage and files it can effect.

We will intelligently scan your WordPress website to locate and analyse the malware that has already infected your site. Once all malicious files have been located, we will either replace or remove the files ensuring the functionality of your website isn’t compromised in anyway.

All of our WordPress security packages include complete malare removal in less than 12 hours as well as WordPress hardening to help prevent future attacks. Order the package that best suits you today. 

WordPress Malware Removal


Help protect your website from any future attacks

Removing malware from your site is only part of it. We need to make sure that your site is protected from any future attacks. We will harden your website to help defend against bots, hackers, and malicious traffic.

How do we harden your site against future attacks? We have multiple proven methods which include, but are not limited to: forcing secure passwords, daily malware scan, SSL certificate install (if required), firewall install, custom login URL (removing wp-admin to a URL of your choice), daily database optimisation, disabling file editor, change of security keys and much more.

Your website is one of the main routes to your customers. Ensure your website is 100% protected 24/7 with our affordable WordPress security packages. 

WordPress Security


Future Proof Your WordPress Website

  • 24/7 Protection
  • Daily malware scan
  • Daily backups
  • SSL certificate
  • Brute force protection
  • Daily updates
  • Login protection
  • IP tracking
  • WordPress firewall


Regular WordPress updates

Regularly updating core wordpress, themes and plugins is a vital step to ensuring your websites security.

Sometimes updating a plugin can cause conflicts and break your WordPress website so it is important to have regular backups to be able to quickly restore if required.

Our security packages include weekly updates, daily backups & 24/7 uptime monitoring ensuring you can focus on what you do best – running your business – and not have to worry about your websites security. 

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Our WordPress malware protection packages include:


We will remove or replace any infected files within 12 working hours (usually less than 5) without jeopardising your sites functionality in anyway. 


We intelligently scan your website on a daily basis for known new malware or security vulnerabilities. If we spot any, we will fix it immediately.


We take daily off-site backups of your website and database, so in the unlikely event anything does happen we can restore your site in a click of a button.


We will ensure your website always has the latest version of WordPress and update plugins and themes weekly and fix any possible conflicts.


We will install a firewall to ensure that any potential hackers looking to cause harm to your website are kept away, providing around-the-clock protection.


We constantly track IP addresses across our entire network and block any IP addresses that have malicious intent. We analyse every IP request to prevent any possible attack.


Bots to try and guess passwords. We therefore limit the amount of times any IP can try to access your site before we block them using CAPTCHA-based Login Protection


If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed (website starts with http not https) we will install and configure one for you ensuring all data on your website is encrypted. 


Preventing the upload of plugins via the WP dashboard helps stop bots from spreading malware. Only having plugins you use active eliminates any potential backdoors


We will regularly change the security keys in your websites wpconfig adding an extra layer of protection to your site and help prevent any unauthorised access.


We protect your database by sticking it behind a firewall. We also regularly optimise your DB properly using mysql_real_escape_string and prepared statements.


The default wordpress login URL is /wp-admin which is easy to find for hackers. We will alter this to a URL of your choice, helping prevent bots from finding it with ease.


Ensuring all existing and new passwords are as strong as possible is an important step to help prevent any brute force attacks.


Ensuring all existing and new passwords are as strong as possible is an important step to help prevent any brute force attacks.


We monitor your site 24/7 to help detect any attack early and ensure your website is always up and available to your online customers.


We won’t stop Google or other reputable bots from crawling your website, but we know how to spot fake crawlers and will ensure they are blocked.

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James is expert on what he does . he only deliver 100 % 5 star work. Extraordinary work James. I will come again for sure.


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